This wiki is about the children's magazine, "Nickelodeon Magazine" or "Nick Mag" for short. It is owned, along with it's sister NickJr Magazine, by Nickelodeon and Viacom.

Welcome to the tour of the Nickelodeon Magazine wikia.

The Wikia tour is a project under development that will tour you through many active Wikia, along the lines of the Wiki Tour Bus but focusing on Wikia. The Central Wikia was formerly added to the Wiki Tour Bus with the option of diverging from the main tour into the Wikia tour, since it would probably not be a good idea to add thousands of Wikia to the main route.

It is easy to create your own mini-tour, since you can use a simple template to transclude content from your selection of existing pages on your wiki. You don't need to create any new content, other than adding a brief "commentary" to each tour subpage that includes a transcluded page. Once your Wikia has its tour working, you follow a few more simple steps to link it into the tour network. It is easy to insert other pages in it before or after it is linked.