On this is page a list of the people who work to create Nick mag.

Name_______________ Job________________
Jen Alt Production Manager
Craig Arndt Managing Editorial/Art Intern
Lori Crook Group Production Director
Chris Duffy Senior Comics Director
Aabyegayle Francis Associate Editor
Laura Galen SVP, Editorial Director
Amanda Geisinger Art Assistant
Joe Hart Photo Assistant
Ted Heller Senior Writer/Photo Director
John-Ryan Hevron Senior Editor
Tim Jones Special Projects Art Director
Caitlin Keegan Senior Designer
Sara Lambert Editorial Intern
Yaël Lewin Copy Editor
Christian Lind Production Manager
Vanessa Mandel Managing Editor
Carmen Morais Deputy Editor
Meredith Ramirez Production Coordinator
Dave Roman Comics Associate
Rachel Roswal Senior Editor
Helene Honey Salmon Editorial Assistant
Amy Schlinger Editorial Intern
Steven Stern Researcher
Tina Strasberg Group Design Director
Liza Torres Executive Assistant
Zelda Van Gutters Roving Reporter
Gordon Whiteside Deputy Art Director
Julie Winterbottom Editor-in-Chief

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